What are some of the hardest truths life has taught you?

My mom was driving me back from practice. We were talking. All was well. The conversation slowly tones down. And she says smiling, “By the way, today’s my birthday. No one reminded me so I thought I should just say so.”She laughed. A laugh so painful I wanted to cry. She hasn’t had a proper birthday celebration in two decades.Yeah. It’s a little thing. But it mattered like hell. I used to remember. But things change.The hardest truth, you ask? Love is one sided, most of the time.That’s because most people want love but not the responsibility it comes with. A parent takes all that responsibility. They take it all. I promise you. They’ll take it to their grave. Even if they never get it back.

1) Physically attractive people will get respect, even if they did nothing to earn that respect.2) Money is the only way to solve a great number of life’s problems.3) Heartbreak isn’t a possibility, it’s guaranteed.4) Sooner or later you will have to stop caring. Not about your physical and mental health, but about other people.5) Teachers will love some students and won’t hesitate to criticize/insult others, and you might fall into the latter category.6) You have to honor yourself and your wishes. Nobody else will.7) Time is running out, and it passes a lot faster as you age. Think twenty years is a long time? It isn’t.8) There’s a reason older people keep cats and dogs as pets. These animals really are the best company in the world.9) Haters will hate, even at the best of times. It’s the only job they can find.10) Lying, gossiping, cheating, and stealing happen all the time in the world of work. People will spread lies about you, even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

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