I’ve always had issues with gadgets

I’ve always had issues with gadgets
but not anymore now because I delt with it…,
Before this whenever I got a phone or a laptop
it either stops working or

just somebody steals it,
just like that.
My friends used to wonder a lot
and feel sorry for me,
some even mocked me
that I should go and bath seven times in the river.
But I’ve learnt over the years
not to sweat the small stuff,
I know what I need and what’s best for me,
so this kept me going.
So today I woke up just fine,
my phone was working just fine too

then suddenly out of the blue it just couldn’t start.
It got me thinking really hard,
my eyes welled up

and started to think of another life with no phone,

but before drowning in my thoughts

I just whispered,
‘Please be fine,
I really am not ready for any expenses at the moment’.
I kept whispering those phrases over and over again
while checking my phone if it has started already

and the next thing I knew I was answered.
I couldn’t be thankful enough.
So I just wanted to share this

and remind us that life listens.
I know there are times

when luck seems distant and quiet

but we should hold on to our faith.
So let’s not get weary in believing!

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